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Planning a wedding is stressful. offers advice and tips to help prepare you for your son / daughter's big day.
Finding the right shapewear that gives you a sense of confidence on that special day can be tricky.
Ever wonder what shapewear to buy that will not sacrifice bra support? We have some great pointers.
We all wear shapewear to special events- but worry that it will make you too warm. See tips on which shapewear will offer you more breathability.
See tips from Teri Jon and Yummie about how to avoid underwear lines and shapewear bumps in your beautiful evening dress.
We interviewed Tanya Zuckerbrodt and asked her what to eat on the big day. You want to focus on foods that will give you energy without making your jittery.
Rushing the day of the wedding and will not have time to eat? Check out this delicious smoothie to sip on while getting your hair and make up done.
Here at Teri Jon, we believe that the number on a tag doesn’t make you better or worse, special or different. We are pleased to announce that we offer select styles through size 22!

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