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Casual to Cocktail

Looking for the perfect outfit to get you through the day? Look no further. We have the perfect looks to get you from daytime to nighttime. No matter what time it is, you’re always prepared. Early morning meetings, to happy hour, these looks will do the trick.


We’re obsessed with this white v-neck top with black floral appliques. It is so feminine, and looks great with black pants, a big taffeta skirt, or a streamlined pencil skirt!


Sometimes we love a trend so much that we make it once, and then we make it again! With one style and two dresses, this season, we’re featuring a variety of twin dresses: two dresses that are the same trend, but modified in different cuts. This way, you’ll be sure to find a look you love no matter what you’re looking for: long or short, sleeveless or sleeves, or navy, gold, merlot, or more!

Mother of the Bride

A Teri Jon dress is a promise…a promise of style, a promise of love, and a promise to yourself that you will look and feel your absolute best on wedding day. While the bride and groom may be the center of attention, at Teri Jon, we specialize in some of the other most significant people on the big day. After all, it’s your day too.

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