Eye Makeup Tips and Hacks to Get Through The Wedding Day

Jane Fonda wearing Shimmering Eyeshadow and Brown Red Lipstick

You may have everything else finalized, but when it comes to makeup, you’re totally lost. Whether you choose to have your makeup done by a pro or to do it yourself, you need to know a bit about the process before diving in. We collaborated with pro makeup artist Shlomit Brandwein to give you advice on your makeup to have you looking your best for the big day!

Woman wearing natural eye makeup and nude lipstick

Brandwein often prefers to focus on the eyes when doing makeup for mothers of the bride, rather than to do a bold lip or brow. Eye makeup lasts a lot longer without needing to be touched- up, and your makeup is hardly what you want to be focused on in midst of the celebrations.

The trick to looking your best is to use very natural colors and quantities, and to limit makeup to the upper lid so that the eye is drawn upwards. Skip the darker colors since they cause your eye to recede and opt for neutral and lighter tones to brighten up your entire face. The darkest tone should be applied to your crease just for a touch of definition, but make sure to blend, blend, blend!

We can break up the eye routine into four separate parts: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows.


Again, we cannot stress it enough, stick to very light applications for your eye makeup. Certain colors do fantastic jobs of bringing out different eye colors. Find which range of colors works best with your eye color.

Eyeshadow color to complement eye colors chart

* Tip: press the lightest shade in the color palette just into the inside corner of your eye near your tear duct. This will open up and brighten your eye, making your eyes appear larger and more awake.

Brandwein advises ditching the glittery eyeshadow as it highlights wrinkles, however she suggests using a small amount of shadow with a slight shimmery effect as this can brighten the eye and look absolutely gorgeous.


Mother of the bride wearing natural smokey eye and red lipstick
Woman wearing natural peach toned makeup

For your eyeliner, make sure to avoid harsh, thick lines, and in most cases, avoid black and liquid liner altogether. Either use an eyeliner pencil or a small angled makeup brush dipped in your choice of brown eyeshadow to line just your top lash line. Smudge the line with either your fingers or your brush to soften it up and maintain that very subtle look.

Avoid the inside of your lid when lining, as liner along the inside of the waterline makes the eye appear smaller. Brandwein also recommends that you skip the bottom eyeliner altogether as it ages the eye.


Mascara brush abstract photography

The mascara color you use really depends on your hair color and complexion. If you are blonde with a very pale complexion, black mascara will look harsh and unnatural; you should use brown. If you have darker hair, go with what looks most natural between black and brown according to your hair color and complexion.

The other choice you have regarding mascara has to do with what effect the wand shape is meant to have on your lashes. Lengthening mascara will be the more flattering option as it offers a natural, feathery appearance, while volumizing mascara can often make lashes appear short and stubby.

For thick, non-clumpy lashes, use an eyelash curler to curl lashes right at the root then apply your mascara, always starting as close to the root as possible. Pull your wand all the way through the tips of your lashes while wiggling it back and forth slightly along the way in order to separate and coat each lash. Use this same method to go through a couple more strokes; you may apply one or two more coats, just make sure not to let the previous coat dry before applying the next layer.

You may crave more length in your eyelashes, and we have a few solutions for this.

Eyelash curler curling metallic eyelashes

An alternative for quick, temporary length is false lashes. Falsies are a favorite of Brandwein’s for mother of the bride makeup because they are low maintenance and won’t require much touching up when they are set. Be careful with these, as they often can take your lashes from “drama” to “spidery lashes” before you know it.

Eyelash extension being applied with tweezers

Curling your top lashes with a curler is always a very easy and quick way to create the illusion of length. To get your lashes to hold for longer warm up your curler with a blow dryer for no more than three seconds before you begin. Just make sure it isn’t too hot before use!

False eyelashes in pink packaging

Lash extensions offer similar benefits, however because they are carefully measured and applied by a professional, they can look much more natural. These are also temporary, but are great for a big event…like a wedding!

For more a more permanent fix, you want to look for certain products like serums that enhance eyelash growth over time. Make sure to allot enough time for the effects of these products to take place before the wedding.

Keep in mind (and bag) for the big day…

While keeping your look low-maintenance, Brandwein does suggest you carry just three items in your bag for the occasional touch-up.

Q-tips abstract photography

Have blush at the ready so that you can re-apply a few times throughout the night. Skin can lose color with age, so keep that rosiness in your cheeks.

Model with lipsticks in hands

Keep happy-tears…well, happy! Keep Q-tips with you to wipe away those persistent eye makeup smudges.

Pink lipstick smudge

Always keep your lip products with you during an event like this. You are constantly talking, eating, and drinking and your lip product is bound to wear off at some point.

Try to stick to your comfort zone and to the classics for this event. You want to look back on these photos with happy feelings and without any regrets. Go with a light, low-maintenance look so that you can focus on celebrating!

See our editions on Skincare and Lips for more tips and to get your face looking flawless all around!

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