Mother of the Bride

A Teri Jon dress is a promise…a promise of style, a promise of love, and a promise to yourself that you will look and feel your absolute best on wedding day. While the bride and groom may be the center of attention, at Teri Jon, we specialize in some of the other most significant people on the big day. After all, it’s your day too.

Bridget Enhances Corsica’s Floral Landscape #TJtravels

Bridget of Being Bridget knows how to find the versatility in a formal floor length Teri Jon gown. In July, Bridget travelled to Corsica, off the coast of southern France, and our floral maxi dress was lucky enough to come along on her journey.

A Summer Night Out

We will never have enough warm summer nights! Our favorite part is the family and friend filled dinners outside on the patio, and these dresses are perfect for the last weeks of nights filled with warm air, children playing, sandy beach strolls, and lightning bugs twinkling by!

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