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We have a particular soft spots for moms, that is real women who wear Teri Jon.  We love seeing our women looking confident, fabulous, and glowing.  Seeing our dresses worn by real women, surrounded by loved ones, is the best part of our jobs.  We are proud to say that people come to us for many of their special occasions.  At Teri Jon, we strongly believe that dresses are not made for models; they are made for real women.  Our dresses are carefully designed to cater to fit real women and highlight their best features.  We want to make every woman feel fantastic in a Teri Jon.

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  1. Liz Grace says:

    Where can I buy this black off the shoulder ruffled MOB dress in this first picture?

  2. Marian Hordern says:

    Love this campaign !! Well done ! And absolutely love your dresses!!

  3. Bonnie Simon says:

    Where can I send a picture of me in my beautiful Teri Jon dress at mt son’s wedding?

  4. Bernadette Archibald says:

    Hello! I love Teri Jon styles…. what dress isn’t the MOB wearing in the very last photo! Does it come in other colors?

  5. Pam Bing says:

    Can you please tell me the style number and name of the teal satin off the shoulder dress that the MOG is wearing in the third picture. She is pictured with her husband and son. Thank you! I am looking for off the shoulder, long gown, something that covers a bit of the arm for a July 2018 wedding. Thank you!

    • Teri Jon says:

      Hi Pam,
      Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! We have a similar dress currently available on the Teri Jon website in Silver and Blush. The direct link to shop is below: https://www.terijon.com/searchresult.html?keyword=49096
      We will also be releasing similar dresses from our Spring and early Fall collections in the upcoming months. Feel free to contact our stylists directly at (212) 398 – 0657 for more information!

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