The Mother’s Wedding Prep Guide: Avoiding Bra Bulge

The Bra Bulge

You find the perfect dress, but the bra you have to wear with it causes the dreaded bra bulge.

Bra Bulge (n): When skin protrudes over the back strap of a bra, causing the lumps to appear under clothing.

We sat down with Yummie’s Senior Designer, Madelyn, to speak about how to avoid the bra bulge and create a smooth look without sacrificing support.


How to avoid bra bulge:

  1. 1. Make sure you’re wearing the right size bra. Consider getting measured, as your sizing could have changed and fit will vary slightly from brand to brand. Wearing a bra that is too small or too big can be uncomfortable and cause lumps under a formal dress.


  1. 2. Choose a thicker dress fabric. Avoid light weight fabrics like silk and chiffon that can cling to the skin and show lines. Instead choose something with more weight such as a crepe or taffeta.

Watch Our Video Below for More Tips

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