The idea of speaking in front of a large audience is enough to make anyone sweat, however with a few simple tips and tricks, we will have you cool and confident while giving that speech. Somehow in every romantic comedy, that perfect wedding speech comes out completely candidly, the speaker having found the perfect balance between humor and emotion. Movies make it seem much easier to find that balance than it is to find in reality, let alone to do it on the spot. This is why we’re providing you with some suggestions on how to get started on your own flawless speech.

Although you are not obligated to make a speech – at least according to tradition (your bride might feel otherwise) – you may wish to speak in order to express your excitement for the occasion and love for your daughter. Whatever reasons you have behind giving a speech are absolutely understandable as this is a very special day for someone you care very much for, and therefore a very special day for you as well.

You may not be an expert in wedding speeches, but if there is one thing that you know well, it is your daughter. This is the time to show her how much you love her and how happy and proud you are for her on her big day. Whatever you do end up saying, make sure you tell her this.

That being said, here are a few points to think about when beginning to map out your speech.

If the idea of writing a speech seems intimidating at first, feel free to start with a template or an outline. Below are our tips on drafting your speech:


A few extra things to keep in mind:

• If the bride’s father is also making a speech, know the content before writing yours to ensure that you are not repetitive.

• You are entitled to be emotional, however if you are getting too worked up, it should help to take a deep breath and look upwards to avoid crying.

• Feeling nervous before talking in front of a room full of people is completely normal and natural. Just remember that the “intimidating” crowd is made up of friends and family who will not care if you stumble or forget a couple of words.

• Do not let nerves about this speech take away from your fun today. Enjoy yourself, take part in the celebrations, and spend this occasion surrounded by family and friends.

To help get you into the right emotional mindset as you write your speech, click below to watch one of our favorite toasts – given by a groom for his bride!