Zunera from Zunera & Serena Travels with Teri Jon! #TJtravels

Our dresses have really been travelling the world recently. In June, we saw our dress go to Paris with Shall We Sasa and then in July, the same style went to Aruba in the Caribbean! Zunera from Zunera & Serena looked swimmingly, literally, in her Teri Jon dress. While enjoying the sun during her visit, we were so excited that Zunera chose to write about all the summer and beach weddings she saw going on.

At Teri Jon, there is nothing we love more than a wedding, and the idea of an outdoor summertime wedding, beach wedding, or destination wedding just really gives us butterflies in all the best ways. We were so glad to hear that Zunera had the best time in Aruba relaxing on the beaches and admiring all the weddings going on, and we agree with her that dressing for an outdoor wedding, especially on a beach, can be tricky. But, if you’re a bride, matron or maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or a wedding guest, we’re here to help.

We love the silk organza dress that Zunera chose, and we think it’s absolutely perfect for a summer wedding. It’s light, airy, breathable, fairylike, and is even perfect for a bride to wear to her engagement party or bridal shower. We also love the floral print of the fabric. We have lots of floral dresses, and they are always great choice for wedding guests. The styles made of lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric are the best choices for summer and warm weather. If you’re going to a summer or beach wedding anytime soon, you can check out more from Zunera’s trip to Aruba on her blog.

Before Zunera left Aruba, she also had the chance to wear one of our favorite day to dinner dresses. Zunera chose to wear this jacquard dress (also available in other colors and patterns) with a knit top and embellished neckline. She needed something that would be suitable for both a beachside stroll and also a dinner later on, and we think that she chose an amazing option!

We truly love how Zunera finds the versatility in our dresses. We care so much about making elegant, yet wearable dresses, and we were thrilled with how Zunera took her shoes off to make the dress perfect for a casual beachside stroll! And when her walk was over, she was already perfectly dressed for dinner! Especially with travel when you unfortunately can’t pack your entire wardrobe, we really strive to create unique dresses that can take you anywhere you need to go to at even just a moment’s notice.

PS! We borrowed some of Zunera’s great tips for attending an outdoor wedding:

  1. Wear light and breathable fabrics
  2. Bring sunscreen and bug spray
  3. Be careful of liquid makeup…it can melt
  4. Wear flats…no need for heels
  5. Pack a small fan in your clutch

All photos are by zunera-serena.com.