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The customer service team at Teri Jon gets to speak to a lot of women who are preparing for special occasions. One of the questions our customers ask us all the time, over the phone and by email, is what color shoes to wear. Despite the vast variety of color and style dresses we sell there are a few go to colors that we come back to all the time.  The shoe colors that we constantly recommend to our customers are the same colors that we use again and again to style our photoshoots. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why we love black, nude, navy, and silver/gunmetal shoes and offer some style recommendations.


There isn’t much we can say about the class and versatility of a great black pump that hasn’t been said already. Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Wear a black pump with a black dress for an understated, neutral, and classic look, or, pair it with a brightly colored or patterned dress for a grounding effect. Don’t give credence to old rules about what colors you are “allowed” to wear black with, we’re including a picture of black shoes with a navy dress to show you how great those colors can look.


For a lighter look we often turn towards the equally versatile nude pump or sandal. Nude works well with almost every dress color under the sun. It can demurely blend in with you’re skin and let the dress take the spotlight when paired with a lighter color or it can create a sharp contrast when worn with a dark one. There are a variety of nude shades at all different price points that can flatter a range of skin tones.

Gunmetal or Silver

One of the less appreciated “neutral” colors out there is our personal favorite, silver. A sparkly silver or, it’s darker, bluer cousin, gunmetal shoe is fresh and classy without being too stodgy or traditional. It’s easy to find in any price range and can pair well with almost any color dress. It helps keep a light or bright colored dress fresh and brightens up a darker color. We especially love it in the spring and summer months.


Navy is our bestselling color for mother of the bride dresses and we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least include the classic but timeless option to wear navy shoes. You by no means have to buy navy shoes to wear with your navy dress, in fact you can wear any of the other option that we mentioned, however it is a beautiful shoe to have and it pairs well with navy as well as many other colors, especially rich tones.

For help finding your style for the big day you can chatemail, or call one of our expert Teri Jon stylists