Bridget of Being Bridget knows how to find the versatility in a formal floor length Teri Jon gown. In July, Bridget travelled to Corsica, off the coast of southern France, and our floral V-neck maxi dress was lucky enough to come along on her journey. Bridget took a style we typically would have dressed up and made it look simple, fresh, and like it was born out of the resort wear style of the Mediterranean island.

maxi dress

Not only are we obsessed with how the colors from the dress blended with the vibrant greenery of Corsica, but we also love how the local flowers make the print of the dress pop. Bridget’s trip makes us dream about relaxing on the Mediterranean beaches all day long before easily slipping into this dress to watch it flow in the calm see breeze all night long.

maxi dressShe also could not have styled this dress more perfectly. Bridget simply added a chic Panama hat and flat gold gladiator sandals. You could also pair with a floppy sun hat or a fedora and a pair of colorful slip on sandals or ballet flats. If you love Bridget’s look, you can read more about her trip to Corsica and check out some of our other colorful favorites before your next seaside escape!

All photos by and @being_bridget on Instagram.