This season Rickie was galvanized by glamour. Finding inspiration in flowers, jewels, appliques, embellishment, and even butterflies. There we were, wandering through the TJ showroom in New York City, admiring the Fall 2015 Collection and overcome with visions of dashing, dazzling, design. What were we going to do?! We were faced with the daunting task to find a photoshoot site worthy for the allure and mystic of Rickie’s newest designs.

Luckily for us, we stumbled upon a backdrop just outside of our home in NYC, and we knew that we just couldn’t pass it up. From the moment we laid eyes on the breathtaking mansion in Long Island, New York our minds were eclipsed with a fantasy of Great Gatsby glam. For weeks, we dreamed of our dresses dancing through the halls of the light filled home. Then, one morning in June, we finally got to make our dream come true.

From the moment we introduced our dresses of jaw dropping jewel tones and a menagerie of metallic to the mansion that was entirely entranced with moldings, details, and décor, we knew we were in for something great. Something extraordinary.

We don’t want to let the entire surprise out all at once, but we will let you in on a few secrets! Stay tuned for sneak peaks of Rickie’s best season yet. Here are some hints: gorgeous necklines, luxurious fabric, and flattering fits are coming your way!