A Teri Jon dress is a promise…a promise of style, a promise of love, and a promise to yourself that you will look and feel your absolute best on wedding day. While the bride and groom may be the center of attention, at Teri Jon, we specialize in some of the other most significant people on the big day. We love how the wedding day is extraordinarily special for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and grandmothers, and we guarantee that we have all the resources you will need for this unforgettable occasion.

From styles that complement tall and athletic figures to petite and hourglass frames as well as everything in between, Teri Jon offers only the highest quality styles so that your dress will last as long as your memories. With our help, you will find the flawless dress to compliment both your personal style and the bride’s unique taste.

Teri Jon is here for you, the mothers and the grandmothers, the ones who are really the leading ladies behind every spectacular wedding. You’re there to support the bride and groom, and we will be there to support you. From every step of planning to every moment throughout the actual wedding day, check Teri Jon’s blog for all of our tips, tricks, and advice to make the wedding day as seamless and special as your child or grandchild deserves.