Shira Litchman, one of Teri Jon’s favorite former employees, married her husband, Zack, on July 2, 2015. If you know us, you know that we could not wait to get the scoop. After being introduced by a mutual friend, Shira said that it really only took a few months of spending time with each other for the possibility of marriage to become a reality. They were destined to be together.


It was no shock that a few months after they graduated from college, Zack planned an adorable proposal. He even got all of Shira’s best friends in on the surprise! It happened in one of Shira’s favorite places in New York City: Fort Tryon Park, a beautiful hidden gem all the way at the tip of Manhattan. Then, Shira could not wait to plan her wedding.


Shira had a lot of great women by her side on her big day, and we loved that. Shira’s bridesmaids included her best friends from childhood, some friends who have come into her life more recently but who have made an incredible impact on where she is today, her sister, and her husband’s three sisters. Shira’s sister was the maid of honor.

Teri Jon Advice:

  • There is no magic number of bridesmaids, and we think it’s important for each bride to choose the number of ladies that makes her the happiest.

As an incredibly crafty bride-to-be, Shira had the most adorable way to “propose” to her bridesmaids and ask them to be in her wedding. She found a card online that had speckles of paint and a cute message along with “will you be my bridesmaid” written in gold. She printed the cards and pasted them on a hot pink background for an extra pop of color and spark of personalization.


When it came to deciding what her bridesmaids would wear, Shira was choosing between her three favorite colors: aquamarine, fuchsia, and silver.

What we love the most:

  • Shira went in a different direction than most brides when having her brides choose their dresses. She wanted them all to match, but she knew not to get too controlling. She wanted a uniform look, but she also wanted each bridesmaid to be comfortable and happy.
  • She decided to go with silver dresses because it’s a gorgeous color.
  • Then, she let all of her bridesmaids pick out her own dress!
  • Silver was a great choice because different shades still look cohesive, and silver looks stunning on everyone.
  • Three of her bridesmaids even ended up choosing Teri Jon gowns!

Shira tried to keep the colors in her wedding neutral. The bridesmaids wore silver, her sister wore blush, and the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom both astonished the room with customized black gowns. Shira’s favorite part about her mother’s gown was the silver and crystal beading all over the waist and bodice. Crystals also covered the table décor, and the room was covered in beautiful white roses and white hydrangeas.


  • Shira started signing up for bridal emails and newsletters so that she could receive information about events going on in New York City.
  • She went to a few of these fun events where brides-to-be can meet different vendors to taste cakes, try on veils, and explore other wedding décor.
  • We definitely recommend that a bride and her bridesmaids go to these events during the planning process!
  • Use Pinterest to save décor pictures that you like in a folder on your computer so that you have examples to show florists and other vendors your ideas.
  • For the super organized, keep one big wedding binder of materials so that you don’t miss a detail. Shira kept one, and she said it was a lifesaver!


For Shira’s bridal gown, she tried on so many dresses, but when she tried on hers she knew it was perfect. All she did was add some sparkle to the waist, and she was good to go. The details she added actually came from a crystal and pearl headband in the bridal boutique. They flattened the headband and the seamstress sewed the sparkles into her gown for a personalized flair! It goes to show that wedding inspiration can be found everywhere.


They also had amazing dessert at the reception. (Obviously, we asked about the food!) The caterers served each guest a dessert plate with a variety of mini samples on it. From apple cobbler and fresh fruit to chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, everyone got to taste a little bite of everything.

One piece of advice that Shira gives brides-to-be?

  • Make sure to look around during your wedding day and take a moment to let the night sink into your memory. Shira says that even if something has gone wrong, it doesn’t matter because it’s such a beautiful night to begin with and the tiny issues don’t last in the long run. You will remember the great moments of the night forever, and you are marrying your best friend.
  • Her favorite moment of her own wedding was the dancing! When the music came on, she had so much fun moving, grooving, celebrating, and letting all her joy show.

P.S. Here’s the adorable proposal story:
Picturesque all year round, the views over the Hudson River from Fort Tryon Park are astonishing. Shira had always tried to find a time to go to the park with Zack, but they had still never made it. So, when Shira’s friend came to visit from out of town, they went to the park together. Little did Shira know, she was in for one big afternoon.
As Shira and her friend strolled through the large park admiring the scenery, they suddenly got to the foot of a big set of brick steps. At the bottom of the steps, Shira found a message written in sidewalk chalk; Zack had written cute chalk notes all over, and he also drew arrows indicating for Shira to walk up! As she walked to the top, she found Zack kneeling on the ground and about 10 of her best friends waiting in the distance!
Zack wore an outfit that Shira loved on him, an important move for any future husband of someone working in fashion. She could tell he was nervous. When he asked the big question, Shira obviously said yes, and then they popped champagne with everyone to celebrate!