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Although dresses are our thing, we’re the first to admit that certain shoe trends really stole the show this summer. Since we can’t be the only ones who get bright summer pedicures well into the fall in the hopes of being able to wear our favorite sandals just one more day, we decided to share some of the tips that we’re going to use to maximize the summer sandal throughout this year.

This summer, our favorites sandals were strappy, strappy everything. Exciting and extremely wearable, we always found ourselves gravitating towards gladiator, wrap, and espadrille sandals this season. We wanted our toes out, and we wanted straps and laces by the dozen!

We absolutely love the edgy flair of gladiator sandals, and it is so cool how they come in such a large variety. Some are studded, some are plain, and some buckle at the ankle while others have straps all the way up the calf. Because gladiator sandals draw from inspiration all the way back to the ancient Greeks, the two most common colors for the straps are black or tan leather. Playing into the neutral game, we think that a pair of gladiator sandals is the perfect accessory to make any little black dress a little more casual for daytime wear. Throw on a blazer, and you can even take your gladiators to work this fall!

If you prefer more feminine styles, you can definitely take gladiators in a completely different direction. Choose a cute, colorful dress, and then add the edgy sandals for a chic but sweet look. As it gets chillier, add an oversized chunky knit sweater over your outfit for warmth so that you can keep rocking your gladiators.

This summer, we also saw laces on everything. We loved both thick and thin laces, but we thought that the thin ones were the perfect, delicate choice for summer. They’re like summer’s ballet flats, if you will. Dainty wrap sandals can add a fairylike accessory to any dress, (think blush wrap sandals with a pretty pink dress) and you have the freedom to tie them around your ankle or calf in any way you’d like.

Another one of our favorite styles of wrap sandals this summer was the espadrille. Originally worn by the Europeans living between the border of Spain and France, the effortless, European style is engrained into their history. The most characteristic feature of espadrilles is the rope like sole. They typically have a canvas upper part, and this summer we saw some of the most inventive styles of espadrilles yet! We were obsessed with the open toed and cap toe versions that had laces to tie around the ankle. And, the best part about espadrilles is that since the upper part is canvas and the sole is a soft rope material, they are extremely comfortable. We’ve also seen espadrilles with a soft leather upper part, which we think is a great accessory for fall. Wear espadrilles and wrap sandals as an addition to any knee length dress or skirt through fall, and as it gets chillier, and save them to peak out of the bottom of a maxi dress. As you wrap your feet in these sandals, don’t forget that you can also wrap your shoulders in a large matching scarf to battle the breeze.

For some more wrap sandal inspiration, one of our favorite bloggers, Bridget from Being Bridget, wore delicate, gold lace up sandals in Corsica this summer. We’re still obsessed with her look. We hope Bridget wears this outfit again into fall, and we’re sure it will still look great if she adds a long, warm cardigan to the mix!

We’ll miss you, open toed shoes!