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One of our amazing Teri Jon customers shared the following post about the practical and emotional sides of her experience buying a dress for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. Mazal tov
Sarah M!

This summer my oldest is being Bar Mitzvahed.  I call him my medical school baby.  I took off a year between college and medical school to have my first child and then waited 12 years, finishing medical school, residency, and fellowship, to have my second.  Now my first is turning thirteen and my second just turned one.  My house is a little crazy.  We live with a mixture of sports equipment and baby toys.  I work full time, very full time, so shopping for my outfits for the Bar Mitzvah weekend fell very low on the priority list.  I needed to make sure there was a party to go to before I got the dresses.

I should preempt the following with this fact about myself, I don’t like shopping.  I don’t have the body type that makes shopping easy.  So often I find dresses that fit on top but don’t fit on the bottom, or visa versa.  I hate sifting through racks trying to find something appropriate for my age but not matronly.  Sometimes I’ll think I found the perfect dress, just to see that the back is completely open, or the length is too short, or the neckline dips too low.  So because of my disdain for shopping, I procrastinated and waited, and then, when everything else was ready, finally asked my sister to help me.  

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To be fair, her first response was we should try Teri Jon.  She has had a lot of luck there, but my sister and I have very different body types, so I resisted.  My sister made me a Pinterest page full of possible dresses from other designers.  There was every style from every department store, ranging in color, fit, and price.  I ordered umteen dresses online, laying out thousands of dollars.  Nothing worked.  I went to an upscale boutique in my neighborhood, but couldn’t find anything I really liked that fit well there either.  At this point the party was six weeks away and I was desperate.

Once again, my sister suggested Teri Jon. I went on the website and started perusing. I was surprised at how much they had. In general, I really like how fit-and-flare looks on me, so I was drawn towards that fit. I saw that Teri Jon had a lot of options. They had a bunch of different colors and patterns that were all fit-and-flare. I used their “speak to a stylist” feature on their website, and she helped me find even more dresses that I didn’t even see at first. With the stylist’s help, I chose two dresses. They are both perfect. I originally thought I was only going to keep one, but now I’ve decided to keep both. They fit perfectly, showing off the 25 lbs I just lost. They are comfortable and flattering, but most of all they’re special. Every other dress I tried on made me look in the mirror and think “meh.” When I tried on the Teri Jon dresses, all I wanted to do was twirl. Teri Jon has a classic and sophisticated look without looking “old-ladyish”. I am so excited to wear my new dresses in a few weeks. The only downside is that now I have to tell my sister she was right all along.

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You don’t have to be a busy doctor to get help with your bar mitzvah wardrobe! Reach out to us at costumerservice@terijon.com or chat with our stylist