It’s Bridal Shower Day! For those prepping for a day of popping champagne, taking lots of pictures, and celebrating with friends, here are our top tips to make sure you look and understand the part without overshadowing the bride.


The first step in helping you decide on what to wear as a guest to a bridal shower will be understanding the dress code. It is likely the bridal shower invitation will state the dress code, but if not, a great indicator will be using the location and theme as clues! Is the event at an upscale venue or a backyard brunch?


While not as fancy as the wedding, this is still a very special occasion that requires some thought and effort. Opting for a tasteful, semi–formal ensemble is always a good move. Cocktail dresses are a top contender. They are not as formal as gowns, are fun and flirty, and can be dressed up or down with accessories!


Remember to choose something feminine! You are going to be mainly surrounded by women during the event, and the decor will exemplify that. Think soft colors, lace fabrics, and elegant silhouettes to really get into the bridal shower aesthetic. Light and bright colors are top choices for a bridal shower. Save the ivories, creams, and whites for another occasion, unless they are the color themes. Black is also a color to strongly avoid. This is a festive, happy, and celebratory event, and your dress should demonstrate that. 


With these tips in mind, you are ready to find a dress. Take a look at our style guide below! These dresses are perfect picks for a bridal shower!