We truly love how Zunera finds the versatility in our dresses. We care so much about making elegant, yet wearable dresses, and we were thrilled with how Zunera took her shoes off to make our day to dinner dress perfect for a casual beachside stroll! She also styled our silk organza dress t absolutely perfectly for a summer wedding.

While travel can be unpredictable, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be. We make sure that you feel good in what you are wearing no matter where you are in the world. Teri Jon is joining you on your travels!

In the summer months we know you just want to stay out of the heat and stay in an air conditioned room. But, we think you should really embrace the heat, and spend time outdoors.  So, we’ve put together some styles that are all lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep you cool while also looking your best all day long.

When the weather is warm, whether you are at an outdoor wedding in the summer months, or at a destination wedding at a location where the sun is shining down, there is nothing more important than finding a comfortable, light-weight dress to party in.

These Teri Jon styles are known to bring good luck when it comes to catching the bride’s bouquet. 🙂 Wear one of these dresses and stand out at the engagement party, bridal shower, and on the big wedding day!

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