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Many of us have dreamed of the big traditional wedding with a 200+ count guest list, and many couples already even planned for this to happen during these months. Sadly, wedding plans are being disrupted due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Although some couples did choose to postpone, some found other not-so-traditional alternatives to get married as soon as possible, because love always finds a way! From live streams to backyard weddings, couples are coming up with creative intimate ways to celebrate their love for each other no matter what.

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It is understandable that your planned wedding date holds special meaning to you and your significant other, which is why people are opting for these creative options to hold their weddings now , more intimately than ever: 

Live Streaming the Wedding Ceremony

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It’s a good thing we have technology to come to our rescue. A special application called Zoom will let couples tie the knot and have all of the family and friends see the event straight from their homes. The RSVP link invitation has a certain date & time for everyone to tune in and watch the wedding ceremony commence. We just advise to have proper connection in order for friends and family to capture the moment. Another thing we recommend to do is to have one of the family members record the video conference to look back and see the lovely couple say  “I DO!” Tell all guests to dress up as if it was the real thing, because well, it is. And let’s be real, we all need an excuse to get out of our pajamas, do our hair & makeup, and dress to the nine. 

Living Room/Patio Weddings

a bride and groom walking down the aisle

 Many couples are choosing to hold a very small wedding ceremony in their backyard or living room with only their immediate family as guests. You do have to be cautious to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, as well as making sure you follow your city’s social distancing regulations. The catering can be held by your favorite local restaurant through pick up or take out , this way you can also support your small businesses. 

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After all, home is where the heart is, there is no better place to have your mother-daughter pictures than in your own stairs…

Celebrate! Honk your Horns!

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These are very difficult times for everyone but true love is always a great thing to celebrate, especially when it’s the people you love and care about the most. Although only immediate family can physically attend the wedding, that does not mean other family and close friends cannot drive by your home. Once everyone sees you walk outside, they can all celebrate by honking their horns, popping champagne, and cheering to celebrate happiness and good health! Another option could be to create a “parade route” so all of the guests can drive by down the street to wave and cheer. Make sure you make encouraging posters and bring balloons to let the couple and family know you’re celebrating with them! 

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Still thinking about a big party? Start planning the Vow Renewal Ceremony!


Plan a future date to invite family and friends to come together and hear the couple’s vows from the quarantine wedding day. This is a way to have all loved ones physically together and the couple will be able to express the love for one another. It’s a kind reminder to show that they both can overcome anything, including a national pandemic. After all the hurt and suffering this world has seen, it is a reason that  family and friends come support the one thing that has conquered COVID19 – LOVE. This is only a reminder of how strong and united we become when love conquers it all!

If you have no idea of what to wear, we got you covered! Here are some of our Spring best sellers: 

If you need someone to talk to about a wedding postponement or future wedding planning, our stylists are always here to help you.