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Accidents happen, especially on days when you want everything to be Perfect. This will definitely feel like the universe is plotting against you, “Why on my child’s wedding day?!”, it’s not the universe, things just happen. Fortunately, accidents can be fixed and we have suggestions of what you can carry in your small bag to be prepared to face any mishap! Perhaps you got a little wine stain on your beautiful #TeriJon dress, but not to worry, these emergency kit suggestions have it all covered!

A sewing kit can be your best friend on wedding day. Whether it is for you or the couple getting married, you can be everyone’s superhero if you have that extra button that’s in your sewing kit. The kit will come in handy if you encounter any snags or tears. Also, safety pins can literally serve almost any purpose, from holding a dress together, to keeping something hidden that you don’t want to be seen.

2. Snacks/Water/Hydrating powders

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Wedding day is one of the busiest days of your life, you’re holding everything in place, you don’t have time to do certain necessities such as eating and staying hydrated. There are many healthy snacks you can keep in your pocket, nuts tend to be the best source of energy and are filling for you throughout the day. Granola bars are a great source of protein. Also, it’s very important to always stay hydrated. If you wish to prevent having to constantly go to the bathroom, there are many hydrating powders that you can easily add to your water and will reduce the amount of liquid you intake. These are also great for next day recovery! We have this great smoothie recipe by Tanya Zuckerbrot that you can drink pre-wedding or carry with you and gives you energy throughout the day without making you jittery. 

3. Tissues/Baby wipes/ Makeup wipes

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This is a very important and emotional day, your little one is embarking on a beautiful new adventure that can be the source of many tears. If you are big cry babies like us, these tissues will be handy to recoup and regroup. Maybe you messed up your makeup a bit, the baby wipes/makeup wipes will wipe away any mascara or eyeliner errors. These wipes will also come in handy for any other dirt inconvenience.

4. Lipstick / Powder / Clear Mascara / Mirror

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No matter how many finish sprays your MUA uses, you will always need to re-up on lipstick. Always ask her for a little sample of the lipstick she uses on you or even try to get a similar shade for you to use, pro tip: Sephora has little sample containers that can be reused. We personally do not like to be shiny on pictures, a mattifying mini powder will take post sweat shininess away. Clear mascara is great to lift up your lashes throughout the day in case any tears are shed and your makeup fails you. A mirror keeps you in check throughout the day.

5. Bobby Pins / Hair ties / Hair product


After all, this is a day full of activity! There will be dancing, there will be running, there will be rushing. No matter how in place your hair looks after the hairstylist is done with you, it is always important to be prepared. Maybe a little rebel hair will slip away, a bobby pin or hairspray will be the hero of the day. By the end of the night, you will be tired of your hairdo and will be wanting a simple ponytail or bun, this is where your hair ties come in handy.

6. Pain relievers / Band-aids / Antacid pills

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Headaches or body aches come when you least expect them, always carry an ibuprofen just in case you or anyone else is feeling a bit under the weather. Band-aids are perfect for those last minute rush cuts or our least favorite blisters (emphasis on least favorite!). There will be a lot of unknown food on this day, even if it is great, some stomachs are extra sensible to certain foods, antacids are great for any digestion issues.

7. Body Spray / Deodorant / Lotion

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It’s very important for you to look and smell fresh throughout the day. You will be moving a lot, with just a little body spray spritz and deodorant re-up, you will be smelling like you just came out of the shower. Do not be that one smelly person. Lotion is great to have at all times in case your hands get dry or your body has a missed ashy spot. 

8. Mini Dental Care Kit

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Being the mother of, you will be speaking to many people on the big day. Have constant teeth check ups throughout the day to make sure your teeth are sparkling clean. From personal experience, we find it unpleasant to talk to someone that has something on their teeth or with a bad breath. You will be speaking to many people for the first time, first impressions matter and so does a fresh smile.

9. Gel insoles

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An insert to make your high heels comfortable. You are going to be in those shoes early before the wedding for pictures AND dancing the night away. These insets prevent toes from scrunching, say goodbye to blisters! The arch shaping feature keeps pressure off your foot and holds the ball of your foot in place. The insert sticks to the bottom of your shoe insole but they are easy to switch from shoe to shoe.  If you don’t feel like making this extra expense,  Rickie says it is always okay to bring a spare pair of shoes to dance the night away.

10. Stain Remover Stick / Wrinkle Releaser Spray

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Stains are a big threat on the big wedding day, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Lipstick, wine , food, dirt stains, literally everywhere! These magic stain remover sticks are super easy to use and get rid of any stains within 5 minutes. All you have to do is gently scrub the stain with the pen until it is gone, let it dry and Voilá! no one saw anything. Another one of our most favorite magic sprays are wrinkle releasers. We literally use this for any time we see a wrinkle and we assure you it works like magic. Keep in mind you need around 10-15 minutes for the clothes to dry out and be 100% wrinkle free!

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If you don’t have time to gather your kit together, this kit has mostly all, including a super chic pouch. These are also great shower favors for the bride / bridesmaids / wedding party.

To our experienced Mothers, is there anything you would suggest to carry in the wedding day emergency kit? Leave your comments below!