With over 80 thousand followers on Instagram, Sasa Zoe of @shallwesasa is a New York, San Francisco fashion blogger who is known for wearing pops of color, ruffles and accessories that you cannot help but fall in love with. We love how she shows her followers how with one unique accessory ones outfit can completely change into something unexpected and exciting.

She is a ray of sunshine that we are so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to talk with Sasa about a monumental moment in her life that just recently passed…her WEDDING!

Helping MOM throughout the process can be quiet overwhelming. Her tips should eleviate a little bit of stress that you might be having with your own wedding planning.

We could not wait to share her responses with all of you, as some of you fabulous ladies might relate to some of her answers and our questions.

Let’s get started!

Which dress did her mom choose? What was the best advice her mother gave

her? Find out here!

Your Mom’s Dress: 

Q: Were you involved with your mom find the right dress? If so, how? 

A:  My mom actually wanted to wear a matching set (a blazer top and a matching skirt) for my wedding. A lot of mom’s wear this kind of set when they get married in Shanghai. My mom didn’t get to wear a wedding gown for her wedding, I wanted to help my mom find a nice dress and make sure it looked good on her. I immediately thought of Teri Jon dresses because I always remembered seeing so many beautiful dresses under the “mother of the bride” section on their website. I went through many different options with my mom and narrowed down the selections. Eventually we picked the perfect dress for her. 

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Q: Did you have a preference on what color you wanted your mom or the groom’s mom to wear?

A: I did not have a preference on what color I wanted my mom to wear. As long as she was happy with it and looked good in it, I was totally on board!

Q: Was there any concern that she would have a hard time finding a dress that made her feel pretty and comfortable at the same time?

A: Of course I wanted my mom to look pretty in her dress on my wedding day, in the end I realized that it was really important how she felt. She had to feel really comfortable and confident in the dress. 


Q: What is one piece of advice your mother gave you before the wedding?

A: People think you are only a grownup when you get married. My mom told me to always see good things in my husband and have a big heart. Marriage is a full time job.

Q: What’s the BEST piece of advice your mother has given you in general?

A: Hard working always pays off. I live by this advice.

The Engagement:

Q: How did you tell your mom that you were engaged?

A: I still remember the night I got engaged in New York City. I called my Mom right away. I told her I have a big news to share and I got engaged.

Q: What was her reaction like?

A: Even though it was through the phone, I could tell that she was super excited and happy for me. 

In Shanghai, where Sasa’s formal ceremony took place, Sasa wore a red lace dress as a sign of good luck in Chinese culture. In Chinese culture a tea ceremony is traditional and a significant part to any wedding, traditionally hosted the day prior to the wedding. This ceremony is to honor the parents and elderly family members. 

The Bride is All Gown Up: 

Q: You are an only child, did you sense your mom was nervous at all?

A: It was a mixture of nerves and excitment. My mom was nervous but also very happy for me. We have to remember there is not a rule book to getting married so of course she experienced some major MOMents that were deeper than the rest…for example our honorary speeches.

Q: We love a good MOMent, what was a teary-eyed moment you shared or your mom had? 

A: It is traditional that the newly wed couple makes a speech to honor their parents during their ceremony. It was hard for me to keep it together, let alone my mom. As soon as I started my speech she was crying…and so was I. I tried to keep it personal to a certain extent so the rest of our guests would also relate. My mom is my role model and if I could be even half the woman she is I would consider myself a pretty amazing woman and new wife.

We love a good story so tell us more…

Sasa’s Ritz Carlton formal Shanghai Wedding, where her friends and family flew from all over the world to be there for their big day! 


Your Dress:

Q: Was your mom there the first time you went wedding dress shopping?

A: My mom went dress shopping with me. I remember I tried on quite some dresses that day even though I already had an idea about what type of dress I wanted.

Q: Was there ever a thought in you mother’s mind that she wanted you to wear her wedding dress?

A: My mom told me when she got married, she didn’t get the opportunity to wear a wedding gown. My parents didn’t have big ceremony, they only had a dinner with close family. My mom wore something more traditional to Chinese wear. However, she told me that she was really happy that I got to wear a beautiful wedding gown and have a ceremony of my choosing.

Prior to having her official wedding ceremony in Shanghai Sasa and her fiancé had a small ceremony with a few family members as witnesses in San Francisco City Hall. 

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Asia with traditional Korean hair, make-up and dress style. Korean makeup is normally light and makes your face look round and your whole complexion even sweeter. Sasa said this was not necessarily her style but glad she had the opportunity to experience it with her fiancé/husband. 

Your Fiancé: 

Q: Tell us about the fiancé/husband. What is he like?

A: My husband now is a very laidback person.

Q: How does he get along with your mom?

A: My mom only speaks mandarin and Shanghainese and my husband only speaks English, haha. Despite the language barrier, they communicate and get along very well with each other surprisingly. Sometimes I have to translate for them, but it wasn’t problematic at all and I’m happy to do that.

We know planning a wedding can be stressful and is not always the most easy feat however, our excellent customer service/stylist team is just an email customerservice@terijon.com or phone call 212-398-0657 away.


A True Love Story Never Ends… 


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