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      The world is going through a very hard time right now due to the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing. It’s difficult not to get anxious and worried, but that’s truly the worst thing you can do. The best approach to this quarantine is by being positive and keeping your mind busy. We interviewed Josh Spiegel, genius behind Birch Event Design, and gave us some amazing tips on how to use this extra time we have by being productive and continuing with your event planning.

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“We know this will end soon. Doesn’t Matter when, doesn’t matter where , your event IS happening sooner than you think. Why waste the time today worrying, you have more time to focus on the event now! Remember to stay positive: the engagement party, bridal shower and wedding will come!” 

– Josh tells us. 

Q: What to do if the event was scheduled for these months?

Postpone! It is much more recommended to postpone rather than to cancel, most people have moved past July and on  just to make sure. If your wedding is at the end of May/beginning of June, it is still a grey area but start looking into the possibility of postponing just so you are not unprepared. Be proactive about it, call your professionals and line up your options.

Q: How to go about postponing the event?

The goal is to not only find a date that not only works for you but most importantly make sure that it works for all your vendors. You want to try to keep your deposits that are already in there and your plans that you already have so you don’t have to start from scratch. The easiest and painless way is to keep every vendor and contracts intact so you only have to worry about changing the date. Vendors are being very understanding right now and working with clients to make the changes as easy as possible.  

Q: For people that are postponing, what color palettes  would you recommend for late Summer/Fall events?

People are sticking to the original color palettes they chose, not many changes are being made. For event settings, people are going for a lot of greenery and deconstructed floral designs. When it comes to color palettes, there’s a lot of muted tones like soft blushes, mauves and pale yellows. There is a lot of water color approach to most things, with muted jewel tones. This is a nice transition for fall, because I will be introducing many many more muted jewel colors to keep everything more vintage, authentic and old world. Of course, metallics are still super in.

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Q: What if a destination event was in the works?

I think play it safe for now, move your event back home. If you still want to have your destination event, move it to 2021 or late 2021 just to be extra safe from then go about it as normal.


Q: Any overall tips on how to manage wedding planning in difficult situations?

Keep in mind that everyone is human, life happens. You trusted your professionals to do what you hired them to do. The beautiful part about the event planning industry is that most of us are driven by passion, creating beautiful things and by being part of amazing events. If you trust the person you are working with, you will forever feel safe. We want to make you feel as content as possible,and more,even with these obstacles everyone is faced with. Your big day is happening and you have to be ready no matter the circumstances. Keep the conversation going, continue with your research and the perfecting of your details. 

There is no time to waste, tomorrow comes quicker than you think. Keep in mind that there will be even more people that had to postpone, planning their events again. Get on board now , why wait?!


We encourage you to not let the dark cloud of this time take away from the day you and your family have been dreaming of. We are hopeful that this will end soon and your event will happen sooner than you think! Use this time to focus even more on your dress search, especially since we are here for you more than ever. Remember to keep proactive and positive while staying safe and being inside! We will soon be able to enjoy the outside world again.