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Much of your focus has been spent on the bride-to-be and wedding preparations. However, this is a huge day for you too! You want to look your best as well as the bride, however you may have no idea what to do regarding your makeup, whether you have it done by a professional or you do it yourself. Stop your worries; we, together with pro makeup artist Shlomit Brandwein, are here to answer all of your makeup questions.

Since there is so much to say on your makeup routine, we’ve split our Ultimate Makeup Guide for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom into 3 articles that you can choose from in order to get more advice on the specific feature you’re most interested in. This post will focus on your lip routine.


Whether you choose to play up your lips or use a more neutral or natural shade, your lip makeup can really pull together a look. Using the correct shade can help you in looking effortlessly chic and polished.

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To find your shade, we recommend trying on many options before deciding on just one. Test colors by applying shades to one lip, meanwhile leaving the other bare, and comparing the two colors. Your lip product shade should be just a shade or two darker than your natural lip.


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Remember that lips can thin over time and they may develop lines on and around them. Because of this, we suggest always sticking to lighter colors, as darker shades usually only accentuate thin lips and fine lines. To make these imperfections less visible, the solution is to plump the lips. Avoiding the surgery route, you have a couple of options that will help in temporarily achieving the appearance of plumper lips.

Lip gloss is always very effective. First, apply a bit of color with your shade of lip liner or lipstick (remember, only a shade or two darker than your natural lip color). Add a dab of lip gloss on top and voilà!

Just make sure to refrain from using copious amounts of lip gloss. It gets sticky, tacky, and can draw attention to wrinkles and thin lips if used in excess.

Your alternative to lip gloss is to actually contour your lips.

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As you can see, you should first line the lips in a color that is slightly darker than your natural shade. With this same liner, draw a line down the middle of each lip. Choose a color a shade or two lighter than this and highlight the center of each section of your lips, where the darker shade is absent. To finish, use your normal concealer to go around the lips and fix any imperfections.

Bold Lips

If your outfit is just screaming for a bold lip, embrace it and wear red, the universal classic, with confidence and style. A bold lip looks especially flattering with glasses because it serves to balance out the heaviness in the top help of the face that glasses create. You should absolutely try on many shades of red before deciding on the right one for you.


Before applying your color, fill in the lips with a lip liner or a primer to establish a smooth surface on which to apply your lipstick. You may also be tempted to match your nails to your lips. Make sure to choose the color correctly when doing this, the last thing you want is for your nails to clash with your lip color.

If you go through with a bold red lip, make sure to go lightly on the rest of your makeup. You should have one feature that stands out or you risk looking clownish. So, for a look with a bold lip, skip the eyeliner and instead use just mascara. Dust a bit of powder and soft blush on your cheeks and do nothing more.

Also, a bold lip will require touching-up throughout the day, so come prepared with a lipstick in your bag and try to remember to fix it up after eating, drinking, and excessive talking.

Keep in mind (and bag) for the big day…

While keeping your look low-maintenance, Brandwein does suggest you carry just three items in your bag for the occasional touch-up.

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Have blush at the ready so that you can re-apply a few times throughout the night. Skin can lose color with age, so keep that rosiness in your cheeks.

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Keep happy-tears…well, happy! Keep Q-tips with you to wipe away those persistent eye makeup smudges.

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Always keep your lip products with you during an event like this. You are constantly talking, eating, and drinking and your lip product is bound to wear off at some point.

For the full done-up effect, check out our other Mother of the Bride Makeup Guide posts focusing on your Eye Makeup and Skincare Routine in preparation for your son or daughter’s wedding day!

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