Calling all summer wedding guests!

It is no surprise that the beautiful weather is reason enough for the busiest wedding season to be upon us. While that adds to the enjoyment of the day, the summer heat can be overwhelming and cause discomfort at times. Weddings are meant to be joyful and celebratory, and the weather is the last thing you want to have to worry about. If you are attending an outdoor summer wedding, here are some tips to consider:

Stay comfortable! 

The first and most important tip!

Yes, looking stylish is important, but comfortability is what will ultimately allow you to relax and have a good time at the celebration. There is nothing worse than having to constantly fix your dress, maintain your hair, or take off your shoes. Wear things that are practical, easy to move in, and won’t cause you stress. Dresses made from chiffon and taffeta material are the perfect option! These fabrics are lightweight and airy, and provide breathability. They will not stick to your body or display sweat stains. Open toed shoes are also a great option to wear as an outdoor wedding guest! 

Keep it natural!

When it comes to sitting in the heat for an extended period of time, you will want your hair and makeup to stay flawless for the entire event. Slick-back buns, pony tails, and simple straight hairstyles are the way to go! Try to avoid heavy hairstyles that require extensions and constant maintenance, whether that involves hairspray or the use of other products.

Natural makeup is key as well. You do not want to be sweating off your foundation or mascara during the ceremony. Simple and light makeup will last longer and have you radiating just as much.

Carry a Clutch!

The last thing you want to remember is to carry a clutch or small purse with you. Besides bringing your phone or an extra lip gloss, here are some things you may want to include in your bag:

  1. Mini deodorant

  2. Mini Sunscreen Stick

  3. Hair ties

  4. Small Hand Fan

  5. Sunglasses 

  6. Bug Spray

  7. Water Bottle 

Depending on the venue, each wedding will require different essentials from this list. Use this as a guide to help you decide which items are necessary, according to the ceremony you are attending.

All in all, coming prepared and following these tips, will save you the trouble of dealing with discomfort later. Now you can just focus on enjoying the party and sipping on a refreshing summer cocktail!