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Rose Quartz

We love the rose quartz color.  It’s feminine without being “little girly.”  This color is soft and luxurious.  It compliments all skin tones and can be worn by both brunettes and blondes.  What we love about this color, is that it works for a cocktail dress for rehearsal dinner or for gowns at the wedding.  This color is a go-to for any mother of the bride.

From the red carpet, to closet staples the fashion world is embracing this updated pink with open arms. Its no surprise Lily Collins was voted as best dressed at the Golden Globes this year, and Leslie Mann the year before wearing rose quartz.

Something else we love about this color is that matching your purse or shoes is not overwhelming. Wearing rose quartz on the big day? Our stylists suggest bringing your dress with you when shopping for your shoes and accessories - this will ensure you're picking the right color.

Snorkel Blue

Navy is classic, and we love it.  But if you looking to update that look,  try snorkel blue.  It’s a more vibrant and cheery spin off from the classic navy.  This color gives off a royal and regal vibe. It’s a striking and beautiful color, which suits dark to light skin tones.  You’ll be radiating your regal sensibility when showcasing your snorkel blue gown. Pair this color with a metallic to elevate your look to the next level.  With this color, no mother-of-the-bride will blend into the background.

We loved seeing snorkel blue on style icon Giuliana Rancic. This updated blue needs little embellishment as the color speaks for itself!

As for accessorizing your snorkel blue dress, we say mix the blues. You can add a touch of sapphire to your necklace, bracelet, and or earnings when wearing snorkel blue.

Green Flash

Green has been all the rage for many seasons in various shades.  We're excited about this color as it's lively, cheerful, and festive. Green flash is all about pairing it right;  pair this color with other warm shades to help communicate a celebratory vibe that would make anyone want to “kick off their shoes and dance”. This color compliments well with most hair colors and skin tones.  The festive nature of this color would definitely make any destination wedding be the talk of the town.

Green flash has been a celebrity favorite for years! This bold color looks regal in a short dress, as modeled on our favorite style guru Kate Middleton or long as seen on the runway.

Another trend we love paired with green flash? Ruffles! These complimenting trends will make your dress memorable by all.

Iced Coffee & Metallic Hues

This color is romantic and elegant.  Iced Coffee is a combination of warm elegance and graceful chic.  What we love about this color is its transitional nature that will remain neutral no matter the season.  Iced Coffee is one of the solid neutral colors of the season, with a combination of gentleness and delicacy this color helps complete this season’s color palette. This color balances well with most skin tones, complementing both blondes and brunettes. Paired with champagne, neutrals and pinks as an accent, this neutral color will complete any mother of the bride.

Something we love about iced coffee is the various shades it encompasses! Think about your morning latte, does it ever look the same two days in a row??

For your MOB look, blend shades of iced coffee for a well rounded palette. From golds to soft tans, there is no wrong pairing to your MOB dress.

We know picking the right color is no easy task! Make sure to consult the bride before making any final selections. And as always, we’re here to help by phone (212)-398-0657 or email customerservice@terijon.com.

Happy Shopping!