We love seeing all of our customers in their Teri Jon dresses and Mother of the Bride Stacy Frisk was no exception! With two destination ceremonies to attend, she needed two glamorous dresses that would tie into each of the venues and be perfect choices.

The first ceremony was held in Positano, Italy at Hotel Marincanto. The ceremony took place overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is just walking distance away from the charming city. 

Two weeks later, a second reception was held in Charleston, South Carolina at the Island House. Sitting on a private island, this venue has views of the Stono River.

With several celebrations to prepare for, we wanted to know how Stacy chose two magnificent dresses for each occasion and all the details regarding her dress hunt process. 

What made you choose Teri Jon?

“Teri Jon dresses fit so nicely for my body style. The gowns were shape-flattering and still offered movement and give, whether I was standing, sitting, or out on the dance floor. These beautiful dresses were made well with high-quality fabrics that wore nicely with no wrinkles or creases. My go-to style has always been a halter neckline. These gowns were so fun to be a bit different… the first a one-shoulder style, and the second an off-the-shoulder style.”


How did you decide on these two dresses? (Was it the color, size, fit?)

Positano, Italy: 

“A wedding in Italy! What could be more enchanting! As mother-of-the-bride, I needed a dress that was just as fabulous as the picturesque Positano. This dress was absolutely amazing for the Amalfi coast. The gown's colors of sky and gold were perfect against the backdrop of the iconic Positano coastline.”




Charleston, South Carolina:

“For the outdoor reception in this historic Southern city, I needed a gown with charm and class. The setting was on the water in the lowlands, so I wanted a dress that popped against the colors of the trees and the river. And, of course, the dress needed to be different from the one I wore in Positano… and, I found another perfect Teri Jon dress! The warm berry color was quite pretty, and both stood out and balanced well with the summer colors of our guests’ attire.”




She also added how essential it was that both gowns traveled well to their respective destinations. “When unpacked, both were just as pretty as the moment I put them in the suitcases - no touch ups needed.”

How did you feel in your Teri Jon dress?

Stacy says she “felt like a million bucks!” “Each dress made me feel amazing! The gowns complimented me, and were “just right” for each wedding occasion.”



Having such a positive experience with our brand, we asked Stacy if she had any advice for other women going through the dress search process! Here is what she offered:

 “Try on your favorite styles, and then try on a few dresses that are out of your box. Teri Jon dresses are all made so well with intention to flatter, so it might be fun to find a new color, a new style, stepping out into a “new you."



We are so grateful to have been able to be a part of these two celebrations and are so happy you loved both of your dresses. Thank you Stacy!!

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Teri Jon is seeing our beautiful clients wearing our dresses! Being able to be a part of such memorable milestones in people's lives is truly a privilege that we take pride in. If you would like to be featured on our ‘Real Women in Teri Jon’ page, please email pictures to customerservice@terijon.com!