Everything Rehearsal Dinner Attire

 The rehearsal dinner is the party before the party. Usually taking place the night before the wedding, it is a smaller, more intimate gathering with just the wedding party and the couples close friends and family in attendance. Not as formal as the wedding, but a dress code still applies to guests. We know finding the perfect dress can be tricky, so here is the top FAQ, when it comes to choosing a rehearsal dinner dress!


What dress style should I wear?

The most obvious choice is to wear a cocktail length dress. These are not as fancy or formal as an evening gown, but still allow you to show off your personal style. These cocktail length dresses can be fit n flare styles, shirt dresses, or sheath dresses. Flowing maxi dresses are also a great choice, especially if the rehearsal dinner is earlier in the evening and during the warmer months. And lastly, a blazer suit is always an elegant choice if you want to wear something other than a dress but still be fashion-forward!


Is it okay to wear black to the rehearsal dinner?

For spring and summer weddings, bright and vibrant colors tend to be a very popular choice when choosing a rehearsal dinner dress! However, black is definitely appropriate unless stated otherwise! 

What does dressy casual mean?

Dressy casual is a step above casual but not quite semi formal attire. A great tip is to pair pieces of different formality levels to complete your look. If you wear a more casual dress, styling it with heels will automatically elevate the outfit. If you are already on the fancier side with the dress, wearing a low platform heel will steer the outfit away from being too over-the-top. Accessorizing is the key here!


Is there anything I should avoid wearing?

After discussing all of the options you can wear, here are some things to avoid! Upstaging the bride is a big no, so avoid wearing anything too flashy or distracting. This means loud prints, too many sequins, or anything overly sexy, is inappropriate. And at the same time, jeans are considered too casual and may be an offensive choice. Most importantly, stay away from white!


Some helpful tips to consider:

  1. We know the expense of a wedding can get high, and even just attending as a guest is costly, so we recommend picking a dress that you will wear again and again. A rehearsal dinner dress is not meant to be worn once and then shoved to the back of your closet!

  2. Whether you are the hostess herself welcoming everyone to this special day, or just in attendance to celebrate the new couple, comfortability is a must. The level of comfort you have in your dress, will impact your enjoyment at this special event. It is a nostalgic once in a lifetime moment, and the last thing you want to do is to be fussing with your dress.


With these suggestions in mind, you now have the necessary tips when it comes to choosing a rehearsal dinner outfit. Remember there are plenty of appropriate silhouettes you can wear, the dress does not have to be as formal, and a huge bonus is that you can wear the dress again to an event in the future. It's a win win!