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Black Tie Dresses

Whether you have a gala, charity dinner, or black tie wedding, we have a few tips in finding the perfect black tie dress:

  • Chat with other attendees of the event. Are they wearing a cocktail dress of a formal evening gown? You want to make sure you’re formal attire is in line with the event.
  • If the answer is cocktail dress, it needs to be a rockin’ black tie party dress. The men will be wearing tuxedos, so its important your dress is elegant and fancy. With an extensive black tie category, including

    black tie plus size dresses

    , and black tie dresses with sleeves, we are sure we have a dress for you!
  • If your friends are wearing black tie formal gowns, then you should be too. Picking a gown is not always easy, but we suggest checking your closet for your favorite fitting cocktail dress, and choosing that fit for the gown. If you’re more reserved, a black evening gown is perfect for you, but if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try one of our a captivating color

    black tie evening gowns

  • Once your dress is set, do a run through. Make sure your undergarments are comfortable and work well with your dress. If you need ideas on what type of undergarments to wear, we’ve interviewed shape wear expert Tommima Edwards that you can read all about.  Additionally, make sure your shoes are comfortable and decide if you want to bring a pair of flats to change into. Lastly, try on your jewelry to make sure nothing catches on your dress!

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