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Tips for Choosing Fabulous

Daytime Dresses

With the myriad of dresses to choose from—what should be the considerations for purchasing daytime dresses? Ironically, it can be easier to find a head-turning formal dress for a special occasion than to find a dress that strikes the right balance for daytime wear. When that daytime classic dress is right—it is spot on! You want to live in it as a basic go-to dress you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

Of course, the time of year is one consideration. A sleeveless cotton dress that is perfect for a summer day will not be appropriate on colder days—unless of course you layer it with a luxurious cashmere cardigan and maybe a cinched belt at the waist. Another important consideration is where you are going in the dress. Office? Luncheon? Park? Meeting? A great option that will allow you to transition through most seasons is a dress with a jacket, shrug, or cardigan.

Daytime Dresses Can Be Versatile 

While daytime dresses can be any length, a dress that reaches the knees or is tea length gives you the most flexibility. Then, if you find that your daytime activities take you into evening, you will be prepared. Actually, the perfect daytime dress is one that can be dressed up or down, as needed, with the right accessories.

 A women’s wardrobe must have a wide range of daytime dresses. A wardrobe built around a few base colors and one or two accent colors is optimum. Sweaters and jackets, shoes, and other accessories can then be interchanged to stretch a wardrobe, making it seem that the wardrobe is much more extensive than it actually is.

Finally, think comfort when buying dresses for daytime wear. Fresh and vibrant dresses are great, but make sure they are easy to wear and make you feel attractive, too. A “seasonless” ponte knit is a smart choice. Wrinkle-resistant, a ponte knit dress is great for business and travel. Another durable, classy fabric is tropical wool. Lightweight and comfortable for daytime wear, dresses in this fabric are smashing in tropical climates, as well as in cooler climates. When shopping for daytime dresses, keep in mind what the fashion icon Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” 

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