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Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

Choosing the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress

While there may be some “rehearsing” at the beginning, a rehearsal dinner is primarily a social get-together, where friends and family calm any pre-wedding jitters over a celebratory dinner. The rehearsal dinner isn’t as fancy as the actual wedding day and guests are often conflicted about the appropriate

rehearsal dress attire

for this special occasion. Whether it’s a backyard barbeque or dinner at a restaurant, what are you, as the rehearsal dinner guest, supposed to wear? Teri Jon’s “Finding the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress” guide will lead you through the process, ensuring that you find the ideal dress for the special occasion. 

Location, location, location
Looking for the perfect

wedding rehearsal dress

? The search is over! If the dinner is at a nice restaurant, opt for a cocktail dress for the perfect blend of refined and relaxed. You can either go safe with a classy LBD or add a splash of color to the party with an eye-catching, colorful dress. If the venue is more informal, say a picnic or barbeque, go casual in a daytime dress. In this case, feel free to wear flats for the get-together.
Another fan favorite that can be dressed up or down is a chic outfit. We have found that a crisp white blouse paired with a straight pant of skirt is comfortable and elegant for the pre-wedding event. Additionally, an easy put together is a matching top and skirt. This gives you the look of a cocktail dress, but the comfort of a skirt and shirt combo.

Word To The Wise:

Before you wine and dine, here are a few reminders:

1)   Whether it’s a formal or informal event, bring comfortable shoes for the rehearsal portion. You will be doing a lot of walking and standing during this time slot and heels may cause some unwanted blisters.

2)   Don’t wear the same color that you’re planning on wearing to the wedding or you’ll be dubbed the “Green Dress Lady.”

3)   If the rehearsal dinner is outside, you should bring a bolero or light jacket in case it gets cold.

Now You Are Ready
If the wedding is the climax, let the rehearsal dinner be the sneak peak into what is yet to come. So enjoy the celebration and check out the Teri Jon collection exclusively designed for rehearsal dinners

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