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Bar Mitzvah Dresses

Its hard to believe your child is now of Bar/Bat Mitzvah age! Although there are many details and logistics to plan for the event, it is important to take the time in choosing the perfect dress for the Bar Mitzvah.

Depending on the type of party you have planned, your Bar Mitzvah look will probably be photographed in many pictures. Most people take advantage of the fact that many relatives will be together and have a whole family photo shoot!
For an elegant party, we suggest a cocktail or tea length mother of the bar mitzvah dress. This dress should be slightly fancier than your normal party dresses, as you want to ensure you stand out in the crowd. For a more casual party, we suggest a clean Bar Mitzvah outfit. This could be a sleek pant and white blouse, or a matching 2-piece set.

It is important that in some cases you may need to cover your arms in a synagogue, for those we suggest a bolero or chic jacket.

If it is your grandchild’s Bar Mitzvah party, we suggest a sheath dress with jacket. This is a clean look that will photograph nicely, and as the night goes on you can take off the jacket. Another option is a bar mitzvah outfit, which you can mix, and match for other occasions.

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