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Your Body is the Gift; the Dress is just the Wrapping.

At Teri Jon, we believe that the number on a tag doesn’t make one person more beautiful than the next. Some women wear size 4’s, some size 8’s, and some size 20’s, the measurements of the body are each women’s unique gift. We are pleased to announce that we have officially started making more of our dresses in up to size 20. Check out of our Plus Size Category on our website.

One unique trait about the company of Teri Jon is that designer Rickie Freeman is extremely involved in her company to this day. Since the company started 35 years ago she has made it a point and practice to try on EVERY single style prior to it going to production. Ensuring that it will be the perfect fit, she wants to know that each and every woman who puts Teri Jon on is going to feel like a Wonder Woman.

Empowering women to look and feel beautiful is the ultimate feat, no matter the size; Teri Jon is here to ensure that the quality, fabric, love and craftsmanship are shown through every style. Through lots of sleepless nights our Teri Jon team has gone through all of our styles over and over again. Prior to launching our extended sizes campaign we wanted to ensure that every style we decided to make in extended sizes is the right choice. The styles we have chosen are the perfect material, shape and will flatter the shape of the body in the most beautiful way.

Every BODY is incredible; share with us your stories about how your body is a gift in the comments below. Email us pictures of you in your Teri Jon dress with your Instagram handle and when we post the picture we will be sure to tag you. Email: customerservice@terijon.com

When life throws us curves, embrace them! Size has never, and should never; stop anyone from achieving her dreams.

The dress is not going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

We want to make understanding how our dresses fit as easy as possible.

With every style of dress we include the unique measurement break down taken by our highly skilled design team. On each item page there is a link “CLICK HERE FOR ITEM MEASUREMENTS” which will then open and give the break down of: size, bust, natural waist, hip and length. This way a customer will know how the dress will fit them accordingly.

See here for style 57204: