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Feelings of joy and moments of excitement mingle with anxious emotions as your child’s wedding day draws near. As the mother of the bride (or groom), you are anticipating the marriage of your daughter with a heart full of pride, support and best wishes towards a new milestone in the journey of life. As your daughter embarks a life of her own, you are reminded of how you were in your child’s shoes not too long ago. You think back to those euphoric first few days of your own marriage, to the time when you set your table for the first meal as a married couple You relive that pure, undiluted happiness you felt as you unpacked that lovely set of new dishes, pristine tablecloths and perfect accessories. By presenting your daughter with tableware, you are perpetuating all those cherished moments. In a continuity of tradition, she will certainly love displaying these stunning tableware items at her Thanksgiving and Christmas table, at each special occasion and perhaps even at her own wedding celebration! Set the new couple up for success with this magnificent Kim Seybert tableware collection. Because an elegant tablescape elevates everyday shared meals into unforgettable experiences.

A great place to start would be with these exquisite Spider Bead Burst napkin rings.

They pair beautifully with these decorative Divot napkins.

These gorgeous Paillette tumblers will provide the perfect finishing touch you need to complete the table décor.

If you prefer cooler vibes, and bolder colors, choose these Jaipur napkins for a spunky, fun effect.

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