Because Teri Jon prioritizes creating the most flattering styles for every body type, we have all the information you need regarding what is most flattering for you. We’ve created a guide to dress your body type. Find the best dress for your shape with us!

If your hips are wider than shoulders, your body type is… A Pear

Draw attention to your best assets, with necklines that accentuate your shoulders and dresses which show off your waistline. Opt for A-line dresses, as skirts with volume work to create an hourglass illusion.

Fuller in the hips, smaller in the top

Don’t hide under large kaftans, show off your beautiful body in a perfect fitting dress. This dress has the perfect amount of room, and the shape is very flattering on a fuller body.

Features a v-neckline to draw attention to your upper body, and an a-line skirt with volume to flatter your hips.

If your bust and hips are wider than your waist, your body type is…A Hourglass

Highlight your curves – don’t hide them! Opt for dresses with a fitted top half and a dress bottom which hugs your waist as to not add any bulk.

A defined bust, waist & hip. 

The key is choosing a style with a shorter waist, and a little more form fitting of a skirt. The printed material and neckline detail will flatter someone who’s weight is distributed somewhat evenly across the body.  

Features a body hugging cut to best flatter your hourglass form, and an a-line trumpet hem to add just the right touch of volume.

If you carry weight around your midsection with a slimmer bottom half, your body type is… An Apple

Lengthen your body and minimize your mid-section by showing off your shoulders and legs. Pick styles with off-the-shoulder necklines and hemlines at the knee to balance your figure.

Weight is primarily carried around the middle. 

Styles that do not have waist seams are perfect for someone who wants to hide any unwanted curves in the mid section. Sheath styles with monochromatic detailing is usually the way to go for the most flattering look.

Dresses that are tapered in at that the torso and have a flared bottom will not put emphasis on the stomach. With vertical panels this will also elongate the body.

Little Difference Between Bust, Waist & Hips, your body type is…Straight

Little Difference Between Bust, Waist & Hips 

Accentuate those features in a sheath style dress. The bodice shape is form fitting while the v-neckline is flattering making the upper body appear smaller. 

With no waist seam this sheath style dress is perfect to take you from Day to Night the detailing is minimal yet sophisticated with the bow at the neckline. This dress will flatter the shape of the body.

Many of the above dress options come in a variety of sizing options. Feel free to check our website or chat with our stylists for available sizes and plus size dresses.

Looking for more advice or assistance finding a dress? Don’t hesitate to e-mail or call – we would love to help!

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