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Avoiding the Dreaded Visible Panty Line

On your big day the last thing you want is your panty line showing! You don’t want to show the world that you’re wearing shapewear, even if everyone else is wearing it too.

Quick tips for avoiding the VPL:

  1. Choose a seamless silhouette such as Yummie’s Ultra Seamless Shaping Brief. The seam free construction and nylon material will prevent an outline from showing under your dress.
  2. Opt for a heavier dress fabric. Thicker fabrics such as crepe are more forgiving and won’t show what is underneath.
  3. Consider a shirt or skirt. If you want a little more shaping through the upper leg, consider a shaping skirt or shaping short. You won’t have a panty line and you will get the added bonus of smoothing through the thigh.
  4.  Always try on your shapewear in advance. Never wait until the day of the event to try on the shapewear you’ve selected with your dress. You don’t want to realize you have a visible panty line as your walking out the door!