Sarah Tripp in a blue dress

Sukey Murphy is the editor and owner of Dress for the Wedding, a wedding style blog that offers attire ideas for everyone in a wedding. Dress for the Wedding is particularly known for wedding style collages, which offer ideas for what to wear to a wedding complete with accessories, shoes, and other elements like invitations and florals. Attire and styling ideas for the mothers in the wedding party is a special area of concentration on our site. We find that our readers especially love Teri Jon dresses!

In this three part series we asked Sukey her take on a number of common questions that come up when choosing special occasion dresses and wedding attire for mothers.

Have you ever struggled to find a dress when the weather doesn’t seem to match seasonal expectations? In the second part of our series of interviews with Sukey Murphey of Dress For the Wedding she answers our reader’s pressing questions about about navigating the wedding process and picking a dress while simultaneously keeping in line with the bride’s wishes. Sukey enlightened us  about color for tricky fall weddings. Don’t miss the rest of the questions on mother of the bride dress colors and which colors are wedding noes.

Q  Do you have favorite colors for fall weddings?

A  I do! As soon as the season starts to turn, I’m instinctively drawn to the traditional fall colors that we see in nature. Red, rust, burgundy, navy blue, purple, deep green, and even warm metallic colors like gold, bronze, and copper are some of my favorite shades for special occasion dresses for autumn weddings.

Q  What do you suggest for those transitional months like September and October where it still might be hot outside but the season calls for darker colors?

A  Classic blues and neutral shades are well-suited for nearly any season, so they are always good choices for those transitional times. I especially love metallic neutrals – silver, gold, bronze, rose gold – they look good year-round, as long as the gown is the right silhouette, sleeve length, and the fabric is appropriate for the weather.

For the specific months of early fall, I think blended tones that bring together warm and cool elements are best. Colors like gray-greens, muted mauves, plummy purples, dusty blues, and rich teals are great during this season. Another great option for an in-between time is to pick a print in some of those colors!

Try the: Organza Jacquard Shirtdress Gown with Floral Print in wine or the Ruched Strech Taffeta Gown in gold for a look that easily bridges the season!

Q  What about brighter colors? Is it possible to create a sophisticated and chic look with bright colors? If so, how would one do this?

A  Absolutely! You’ll see red carpets full of daring colors, and they are certainly being worn by the chicest style icons! Bright colors are sometimes misrepresented as being ostentatious, but if the cut of the gown and color flatters the wearer, it can be a very sophisticated look.

Bright colors are often enough of a statement on their own, and may not need further colors or embellishment, just fine jewelry, or metallic or neutral crystal accessories that accent the dress.

To make more of a bold statement, there are a few options: one can echo the same color in an accessory to amplify it in a chic monochromatic way, or pick a contrasting color of the same vibrant concentration in a single accessory to really make the main color pop more. For the cleanest style, it’s probably best just stick to one other bold colored piece or just one color, to keep the look elegant, and let the gown stand out.

For a bit of bright, try the Metallic Jacquard Twist Front Gown in teal or the Metallic Printed High-Low Jacquard in black and pink to see how chic a pop of color can be!

We are honored to be asked to contribute to the Teri Jon blog. We hope this guide to Mother of the Bride dressing and picking colors for wedding attire was helpful! We hope you’ll visit us on Dress for the Wedding for more wedding style ideas!