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#JustMySize Campaign

35 years ago, Teri Jon was founded on the principle that "A woman's body is a gift, and her clothing is the wrapping".

It is with this guiding tagline that to this day Rickie Freeman designs her dresses: with the goal of dressing women in quality clothing that make them look and feel proud and beautiful.

In celebrating all women, we have consistently found this industry lacks high quality special occasion dresses for women in sizes above 12. We are launching this initiative to publicize Rickie's message, and to empower women of all sizes and body types, showing them that we empathize and understand this lack in the industry and are addressing the issue head on.

We invite you to join in our mission: After all, the clothing will not change the world
McKenzie RaleyModel

We interviewed McKenzie Raley, and were pleased to find her words strongly resonate with the Teri Jon mission statement. We were touched by her affirmations that even though she is not a "standard" model size 0, every Teri Jon collection dress she tried on made her look and feel beautiful, and that she was able to easily find the right fit with our dresses - a truly amazing feeling for her.

I don't love my body despite my size... I love my body because it is just mine

Women like McKenzie are the women who inspire us to continue in our journey of dressing ALL women - no matter their size or shape - with garments made to empower them to look and feel strong, beautiful, and confident.

We are already faced with so many labels as it is: there is no reason to add additional labels for sizes too! Along with McKenzie, we are nixing the term "Plus Size" altogether: the dress is not "plus size", it is just your size.

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