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It’s Marie, mother-of-the bride in training, here to give you tips (and laughs) on the crazy roller coaster that is planning a wedding.

Hair...I’ll be honest, I hadn’t given much thought to my own hair for the wedding.  I flipped through thousands of magazines examining up-dos and blowouts, hair pieces and accessories for my daughter, the bride, but I barely thought about my own hair.  So when I accompanied my daughter to her first trial, I was taken aback when the stylist asked me what I’ll be doing with my hair.

“My hair?!”, I laughed nervously.  EEEEK.

My daughter encouraged me to have my own hair trial.  And boy was she right.  I had no idea what I wanted, and I had no idea what would look good on me.  I wanted to look beautiful, but age appropriate.  I wanted to look glamorous, but also still look like me.  How do you accomplish all those things?

I realized I needed to have a few trials with a few different stylists.  I recommend this for all mother-of-the-brides. This can be a fun bonding activity with the bride, or something you do for some “me time” - everyone needs some pampering.  Come with a few photos of hairstyles you like and ask your stylists for tips.  Sometimes the style you want is not a reality for your hair type (thanks, super thin hair…).

Here are some things I learned along the way:


Q: Oval

A: Have an oval-shaped face? Then we are in the same boat.  If you prefer a down-do, loose waves or a blowout with a side part would give that added length to your shape.  I wanted an up-do (summer weddings are too hot for my hair to be on neck).  I was in luck because an up-do is a classic look to flatter an oval face shape, especially if you have bangs (like me), and are looking to add length to your face. You could do a pulled back in a half up-do or loose chignon, this can also help compliment this face shape. Extra tip: for people with oval faces, it’s all about balance.  Add extra volume on top to flatter your face shape.

a woman with her hair pulled back
a woman with a ponytail

Q: Square

A: My daughter has a more square face (just like her dad), so I’ll share the research we did for her.  A luscious blowout, with a centered or slightly off-centered part, looked glamorous and completely complimented her square face shape. In the end my daughter chose this option.  She bought a gorgeous flower pin (she wasn’t into traditional veils), and pinned one side behind her ear.  This look added volume and equalized her features.  At her trials she also tried a low up-do or chignon with volume, this helped relax and soften her face angels.  

Salma Hayek with long hair
Salma Hayek with dark hair

Q: Round

A: Okay, so neither my daughter nor I have round faces, but I couldn’t leave you guys in the lurch.  So I hit the pavement (and magazines) to find the best looks.  For a round shaped-face, I think a voluminous blowout with relaxed curls complemented with a centered part, or an updo with an exaggerated side part are the best hairstyles to help lengthen a round face.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan smiling with her hand on her head
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with long hair

Q: Diamond/Heart

A: Sigh… I always wanted a heart-shaped face , but alas… These face shapes are best complemented when your hair is pulled into a messy up-do or tight bun to accentuate the jawline, which is your most prominent feature (and the feature I’m most jealous of).  You could also do beach waves with a side part to help balance and soften up your face features.

Helen Mirren with blonde hair
Helen Mirren with blonde hair


Keep in mind that any basic wedding hairstyle can be upgraded and made more unique. For example, add braids to a loose chignon to create your very own braided hairstyle, or mess with the size and placement of curls in a blowout to achieve all kinds of glamour. To show off a beautiful pair of earrings or a statement necklace be sure to go with a style that keeps your hair away from your face or neck, like an up-do or a half-up do.

Need help? Want advice? We’re happy to help with all of your mother-of-the-bride needs. Call us or look through our Mother of the Bride Survival Guide to find out how to prepare for your upcoming special event.