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You’ve found the perfect gown for the big day but now the question is what to pair with this gorgeous dress? Earrings, necklace, bracelet, the jewelry options are endless, but what pieces will compliment the dress and great the perfect overall look? We sat down with jewelry designer Melissa Lovy to answer all of your jewelry questions.

When should I look for jewelry?

Jewelry shouldn’t be an afterthought on such a special day. You want to make sure that your look is fully planned out in advance and styled from head to toe. Your earrings tell just as much of a story as your purse and shoes do!

What is your #1 tip for Mother of the Bride or Groomwhen it comes to jewelry?

Just like when shopping for your dress, comfort should be key! Look for pieces that compliment the dress but most importantly, make you feel your best.

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How can I shop for jewelry without breaking the bank?

Don’t be afraid to mix fashion with fine jewelry! You can pair real diamonds with affordable Swarovski crystal pieces for a complementary look that won’t take you over budget.

What jewelry pieces are worth investing in?

Invest in pieces that transition from day to night that way you can rewear the jewelry after the big day. For some people that is a fun diamond hoop earring, for others that is a classic tennis bracelet.

Stay tuned for more tips from Melissa!

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