One of the most popular dress silhouettes at Teri Jon is the illusion neckline, a sheer high neckline that provides the perfect amount of coverage. Although this neckline is beautiful and flattering, it can make finding jewelry a bit more difficult.

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We sat down with jewelry designer Melissa Lovy to get her tips on what to pair with a higher neckline.

  1. Stay away from necklaces – You don’t want to spend the day playing with the necklace, making sure its visible or getting caught on your dress. Plus a necklace will compete with the detail of the dress you’ve chosen.
  1. Go for a statement earring or studa hoop is a great option as it will frame your face without getting in the way of the neckline.
  1. Find an earring that compliments the dress – Play off the detail or print of the dress and find an earring that adds to the overall look, rather than distracting away from it.

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