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Sitting down with Tanya from F-Factor

For years, clients have asked us when they should start a pre-wedding diet, or what size gown they should purchase as they are planning on losing weight. We firmly believe size doesn’t matter and that the focus really should be on feeling the best you can in the body you have.

We sat down with Registered Dietician and Creator of F-Factor, Tanya Zuckerbrot to gather tips on how to truly feel great on the big day.

It isn’t about size, it’s about feeling your best

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to figure out what ‘your best self’ means to you. Instead of looking to the number on the scale, focus on eating foods that make you feel energized and happy, and removing those that cause you to feel lethargic and bloated.

Whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, it’s most important that you are comfortable and confident in your skin and the dress that you choose. That confidence is what will shine on the big day!

Look to add fiber rich foods rather than restricting

Rather than making a list of the foods you can’t have, instead look to add in foods that are rich in fiber. That can be a bowl of fiber cereal in the morning in place of your usual scone, or bulking up your salad fiber filled vegetables such as broccoli and artichoke.

Luckily Tanya encourages her clients to snack when hungry! Fruit, such as apples, pears and berries.

Look for natural sources of sugar

Processed sugar, although not completely off limits in the F-Factor diet, often causes your energy levels to crash a few hours after consumption. Tanya recommends replacing processed sugar with natural sources of sugar, such as fruit, to ensure you the energy boost of sugar without the crash.

Great options include apples, raspberries, blueberries and figs.

Focus on adding protein

Protein does so much more than just provide fuel for the body. Protein, which contains the compound keratin, which is vital for bright skin, healthy nails and thick, shiny hair. You don’t have to only eat dry chicken breast, other great sources of protein include eggs, fish, lean beef, legumes and greek yogurt.

For breakfast, try having a protein filled smoothie, an omelette or a greek yogurt with berries. That way you start the day with a protein forward meal that will make you feel full, satisfied, and glowy!