For the perfect Thanksgiving dinner hostess…

Your favorite dish of the night might be one that you don’t need a recipe for! Show up to your dinner in one of our favorite designs for entertaining!

Some things to keep in mind while choosing a dress for Thanksgiving dinner are:

  1. Enjoy the celebratory nature of this holiday and be grateful for family, close friends, and the part we sometimes forget the most: yourself. You work so hard to keep everyone around you going, and so why not treat yourself to some new styles for the holidays—you deserve it!
  2. Texture! Right now we love, love, love lace, jacquard, and mixed media designs.
  3. Embellishment! Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. For us, special occasions mean embellishment! It’s all in the little details: think jeweled necklines, sparkling belts, and beaded appliques.
  4. Choose something comfortable so that you can move around all night. You want to focus on your friends and family, and not on adjusting your outfit!
  5. Remember: details such as texture and embellishment do not mean that the dress is limited to winter! Choose a dress that you love and that feels good on your body, and the long term value for being worn again at different events during different times throughout the year will show.


PS! If you’re the hostess…don’t forget to get an apron ready so that you’re not worried about your dress while putting the final touches on your meal! (We’ve even included a list of some fashionable aprons along with our favorite butternut squash soup recipe!)

Black LaceRed SheathWhite Jacquard